my name is olivia but i go by liv.


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I destroy and transform materials in a way that move us forward into the future, personally and collectively. Coming from a base in drawing, ceramics, and video, I am creating a body of work using the insight of new media and technology to reimagine the physical approach of making. The notion of perspective and obsession are large components to my practice. I am consumed by the malleability of form, pushing physical boundaries to find a new disorientating visual language. My process is always in flux--it may start as performance, a sculpture, a painting, a poem, an expression. I then take the documentation process into the digital realm, distorting the original tangibility. I make, scan pieces, digitally draw, corrupt files, scan screens, print, physically alter, rephotograph, and continue this cycle until the digital and physical textures become inextricable. Deleting the origin of conception, I push my work close to its breaking point.

As a woman who occupies space, I treat my body as a formal figure.  I explore the way my body can interact in physical spaces and technological realms. I use this vessel to exploit expectations of representation, often in reference to the ways we document ourselves in this new digital age of sharing. We are the last human generation. Growing up in a liminal state between analog and digital consciousness, the relationship between our bodies and technologies has altered and disciplined our states of being. I corrupt the precomposed sterile presence of technology while keeping physical touch potent. My process fully encompasses this new relationship between bodies, technologies, and their digital realms, as I enter the trance of making. I usher observers into a changed future, and question to comment on where we are responsibly.